Welcome to your german distributor and partner for Marea Diving Suits for Freediving! My Name is Antero Joki, some of you may know my name, for the others – I am the current finish record holder in Freediving CWT and the German AIDA National Team Trainer. Additionally I am supporting AIDA International as Technical Officer and AIDA Deutschland e.V. as Vice President. Last but not least I am working for the Apnea College as Freediving Trainer in Bavaria. Be sure I am a well experienced Freediver, and by sharing my knowledge with you my goal is to give you YOUR own perfect fitting Freediving-Suit – that’s all…;-)


Individual Suits for individual Divers

One Modell – all Sizes

Every Marea Freedivingsuit is made unique for his owner. It took us several months to work out this very special and detailed measurement system to guarantee, that your unique freediving suit fits you like a second skin. Visit the page “Measurements”, there you will find each single step explained how to do a correct measurement. It takes some time but it makes sure, that your suit will definitly fit. Choose your payment and finally – press the button “Order”. You feel not sure about the measurements you did? For that or any other question – feel free to write us a mail or give us call!

Why choosing a customized suit?

All Diver know the problems of putting on a Divingsuit. It is not easy to get in and to come out of it.

There is a difference between scubadiving and freediving, think about the preparations for a freedive. Nearly all freedivers do meditations and/or yoga to be relaxed enough to stay long and longer under water. And just as your yoga clothes have to fit comfortably, your freedivingsuit has to fit perfectly to your body. Like a second skin. Only then you are able to bring your best performance in freediving.

Watch out for all the worldclass athletes and you will see, that most them wear customized freediving suits. Customized by us, customized by Marea…