AIDA 4 freediver course

For people who have completed AIDA 3 freediver course or have equivalent skills and knowledge. Students have to be at least 18 years old (16 with parents approval). AIDA Medical Statement have to be completed and students must have a valid first aid certification. First there will be theory lessons giving more information about physiology, physics, advanced safety procedures, advanced training methods and other important matters before the practical training in pool. In full course also open water sessions are included. The main idea is to learn more about yourself and the ways to improve your relaxation and skills under water. Freediving is not chasing numbers, it is the way to understand who you are.

To certify the next requirements must be filled: admitted theory exam, fulfilled practical skills in water, static minimum 3 minutes 30 seconds, dynamic minimum 70 meters and in open water constant weight dive 32 meters deep. These requirements can be reached after correct training. Prices: AIDA 4 freediver course 450 €, minimum number of students: 2