Our supplier MAREA creates exclusive, unique wetsuits. “Unique” means, that you will get a wetsuit that fits perfectly for you. All you have to do is to choose the pattern you would like to have for your wetsuit and to tell us your measurements. Marea is going to create a unique wetsuit for you.

Just follow carefully the instructions below or click the underlined text for a photo. Please measure the indicated body parts with a taylor (metric) measuring tape; ask for assistance when taking your measurements (ask a friend to help you). Don’t care for your actual size (S, M, L and XL). It is not important or helpful for us.

Please sent orders or offer requests (complete with measurement-tables and all necessary details) by email to

For your convenience, you might want to download and print the size sheet in pdf format.

  1. Total height
  2. Head circumference (measured at its max amplitude)
  3. Neck circumference
  4. Distance between eyebrows and the neck’s base (from the middle of the forehead to the rear base of the neck, passing over the head, without bending it)
  5. Shoulders width (put the measurement tape on the shoulders and measure the distance between the two clavicles)
  6. Chest circumference (taken horizontally, at its max amplitude, just under the armpits)
  7. Waist circumference (taken at the waist’s socket)
  8. Pelvis circumference (at the max hips’ roundness point)
  9. Distance between neck and waist (bend your head forward, then measure from the protruding neck bone until you get to the waist line)
  10. Total rear “jacket” lenght (bend your head forward, then measure from the protruding neck bone until you get to the point where your hips are the roundest)
  11. Biceps circumference (the arm must be close to the body)
  12. Elbow circumference (the arm is only slightly bent)
  13. Forearm circumference (at the max amplitude point)
  14. Wrist circumference
  15. Sleeve lenght (from the humerus to the wrist)
  16. Wrist to elbow distance
  17. Thigh circumference (just under the groin)
  18. Knee circumference
  19. Calf circumference (at the max amplitude point)
  20. Ankle circumference
  21. Knee to ankle distance (from the knee to the malleolus)
  22. Groin to ankle distance (measure the inner side of the leg from the groin to the ankle, where the malleolus is)
  23. Waist to ankle measure (taken externally, from the waist socket to the ankle, where the malleolus is)
  24. Body weight (kilos)

Extra measurements for women wetsuits
Breast circumference (taken horizontally over the breasts, just under the armpits, at its max amplitude)
Breast height (taken from the shoulders to the tip of the breast)
Breast distance (taken between the breasts tips)

• Tell us about any bodily peculiarity such as a curved back, etc.
• Regarding boots or socks, all we need is your shoe size.