About me

Apnoea Diving/ Ice Diving / Coach

Diving is my passion

Already in my childhood I was swimming a lot and diving with my brother, with a simple diving mask. Later followed scuba diving and then my true passion – apnea diving! In this discipline I was allowed to do a lot of
achieve – a Finnish title, participation in world championships, activities as a juror and more. Learn more about me here!

For several years I share my experience, and offer intensive courses in freediving. You can find out everything about my courses here!

If you always wanted to go ice diving to see the beauty of the ice from below as an apnoea diver, check out my event in Finland: „Päijänne on the Rocks“!

My competences in apnoea diving

  • Trainer, Instructor & Coach

  • Finnish champion

  • Juror at World Championships (AIDA & CMAS)

Apnoea diving courses

You always wanted to learn apnoea diving? My courses are all tailored to your current skills and build on each other!

So that you become a successful apnoea diver! So that you have a lot of fun in the adventure of apnoea diving!


The beginner course


The advanced course


The depth course


The professional course.

My life in numbers


meters depth – Finnish record


World Championships


Years Experience in Freediving


Love for apnea diving

Special courses

You are already a trained apnoea diver and are looking for further training? Then look here ->

VIP courses

You need coaching or preparation for a world championship? You want to set a new world record? Or go on a very exclusive diving vacation on a yacht with your buddies? My VIP courses are right
we completely on your needs ab!

Apnea for surfers

You are a surfer and already ride big waves? And now you want to go further, ride the really big waves? I’m happy to support you with this special course just for surfers! With this training you will manage all
waves, as you can stay underwater long enough!

Trainer courses

You have successfully completed all apnea diving brevets and have a corresponding amount of experience in apnea diving? And now you want to share your knowledge and experience? With me you can get all the necessary trainer education
complete – up to the trainer-instructor

First aid courses

Many athletes push their performance limits and beyond in apnea diving. Therefore, everyone involved in this sport must be very well trained in first aid. My courses are aimed at all divers according to
their level of training in diving!

Customer testimonials

What my students say about my courses:

Antero showed me diving in a new dimension. As a competitive swimmer, I was not aware of the diving skills already ingrained in me. I dive better and more confidently today than ever before.

Tom Schwaiger

I had met Antero personally, and never thought I would be able to apnoea dive. Thanks to his good, sound and very safety-based training, I now have a wonderful hobby that I enjoy with
a lot of passion.

Gunnar Sieg

As a former soldier and sports scientist, I like to push my performance limits. Antero showed me how to push my limits further in diving. At this point again: Thank you
Antero for your support! 

Ludger Glotzbach